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New edition of Caribbean East Indian Recipes

Chakra Publishing House is pleased to announce the publication of a new edition of its cookbook, Caribbean East Indian Recipes.

Written by Kumar Mahabir and Mera Heeralal, the cookbook represents a comprehensive collection of over 70 “traditional” vegetarian recipes. The recipes have been handed down by indentured immigrants from India by word-of-mouth and practical example for over four generations. The food that is now cooked in the region is distinctly Indo-Caribbean in flavour.

The recipes reveal the secrets of preparing delicious Indian dishes, some of which are unknown to the non-Indian community in the Caribbean. They cover a wide range of tasty and exciting dishes, from delightful snacks to dinner-party specials – from the various types of rotis, daahls, kuchillas, chutneys, anchars, sweets and desserts to chokas and vegetable talkaries.

The recipes have been written in an easy-to-prepare style to be cooked in your own kitchen. The ingredients are readily available at your local grocery store and other food outlets.

Each recipe has been kitchen-tested and, therefore, meets a high standard of accuracy. Some of the dishes are beautifully illustrated in colour to tempt the reader’s appetite.

The recipe book is available at major bookstores nationwide and at Chakra Publishing House.

Chakra Publishing House

10 Swami Avenue, Don Miguel Road, San Juan, Trinidad and Tobago.

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Caribbean East Indian Recipes

Kumar Mahabir and Mera Heeralal

English text. Paperback.

Colour photos, illustrations, table, glossary, index.

1992. New Edition 2009 xx + 120 pp.

14 x 22 cm.  ISBN 978-976-8012-75-7

TT $80. (local) or US $25. (foreign)

(Price includes packaging, registration and local/foreign postage)

Please visit the UPDATED website for magazines on South Asians/(East) Indians in the Caribbean

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